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Our efforts echo in the work performance of your employees.

‘’Impact Quality Solutions’’ is an Delhi based end to end HR Consulting Company with prime focus on Recruitment, HR Compliance, Training and Coaching , Social Media Branding, People Research and People Development. We have a team of well experienced and motivated professionals. We not only provide our clients with business solutions under one roof but also regularly and timely upgrade their knowledge. We believe to stay ahead in the changing economy to provide our clients with the most consistent and prompt quality services.

Why Choose Us

We guarantee, nobody can offer you a better services and pricing than ours for Recruitment Services.

We work hard to offer you the right Candidate with incredibly first turn around time.

We can provide you the best talent suited for your position in 48hrs.

We look for the Candidate who can prove to be an asset for the growth of your organization.

We give personal attention to every client by understanding their desired requirements.

Our Services

Our Recruitment Process


Our process starts with screening of the resumes from job portals, our own database to provide suitable candidate to the companies. About 43% of the resumes are collected from the popular job portals, 18% are collected from referrals. 27% of the resumes are screened from the gsjob point database while the remaining 12% are collected from other sources.


The screened candidates are given calls to gather information about their professionals details, education details, their choice of preferred job profile etc. This call gives us a basic idea about the candidate’s priorities and makes it easier for us to identify or find the best suitable employer. The main objective for calling is to identify which essential and desirable qualities matter to the candidate.


Shortlisting is the process to decide which candidates should be selected for the interviews for the required job specifications.Based on the information gathered from calling, the candidates are shortlisted according to their choice of job preferences. Shortlisting is an ideal way to ensure that the suitable candidate appears for the interview.


After shortlisting the candidates resumes are forwarded to the employer for affirmation . After affirmation interviews are arranged, if the candidate qualifes all the stages of recruitment process, he/she is provided with job offer letter.

Training & Development

Training aims at providing and developing the skills of candidates and professionals in order to help them do their work better and in a more efficient way.

Impact Quality Recruitment Training

Impact Quality recruitment Training aims at developing ‘Recruitment Trainers’ ‘Recruitment Coach’ ‘Recruitment Mentor’ across the country with trained & certified Recruitment Business Owners and Recruitment Consultants.

Impact Quality Recruitment Training” Offers End To End Recruitment Training
  • To Companies across Industry Verticals
  • To Executive search Companies.
  • To Individuals looking at recruitment as career and intending to start and own Recruitment Business.
  • Allowing employees to acquire new skills, expertise and qualifications supports employee progression which leads to increased motivation and eventually increased retention.

HR Compliance

The Human Resources (HR) function is at the centre of most employer’s efforts to identify, hire & retain people the Organization needs, to execute its strategy and achieve its goals.

Why HR Compliance?

Impact Quality Integrity & a new model is developed for every client depending on his requirements & Industry positioning.

Our Model aims to
  • Provide our clients with tangible solutions in respect of human resource development.
  • Make our client comply with all the laws in respect of employment of Human resource & insulate them from all legal liabilities.
  • Help clients in maintaining smooth industrial relations and ensure that there is no loss of production or man days.
  • Help client in developing proper processes for retention of good human resources.

Social Media

Today, Social Media has become the principle means of communication for an organization. Concurrently, Recruitment practices also have become more digital. This service offers a dedicated team and a platform for social media hiring through Linkden, Facebook,Twitter have over535 million combined users.

Why Impact Social Media ?
  • Well established social media team with experts which have experience on social media in different sectors.
  • Team has worked with most of the top leading Indian & MNC companies
  • Search skills & strong social media network
  • Strong client relationship & client orientation
  • Delivery focus with total transparency
  • Introducing client’s centric recruitment research model with huge recruitment cost benefits
  • Totally client centric value driven recruitment business model
  • Social media related HR solution
Service Provided
  • Social Media Recruitment
  • Social Profiling
  • Distinct Recruitment Solutions
  • Employee Engagement Services
How does our service add value to our clients
  • Cost Effective in context with Recruitment (Talent Hiring).
  • Better Culture Fitment of Recruitment Process.
  • Effective utilization of Time Period
  • More focused & in-depth interview process.
  • Focused information about the shortlisted profile.
  • Enhancing Retention.
  • Long Term Stability hiring talent & Business Growth.
  • Adding Business Value.
  • Quality of Recruitment Process

Resume Service

Impact quality ‘Resume Service’ is to help the job seekers create professional resumes that will reflect the candidate’s skills and the qualifications in the professionally accepted manner. Impact Quality has a team of experts from many industry sectors like automobile industry, manufacturing, banking,Insurance, FMCG etc., who are well versed in the requirements of the industry. They have extensive experience of drafting resumes based on industry standards.

We understand that creating and professional resume is difficult, but we are here to help you create resumes based on your requirements.

Advantage of ‘Resume Service’?
  • We regularly keep updating ourselves with the latest and accepted trends in the industry so as to reflect the same in your resumes to make them professional.
  • We optimize your resumes in such a way that it stays appearing in the recruiter searches over the job portals.
  • We know how to highlight your abilities as a candidate and job seeker, so that you get preference from the recruiter company.
Why take resume service?
  • To get the preference from employer while screening the resume.
  • To highlight the key areas the employer are looking for so that your resume get shortlisted and you get interview call on priority.

Our Expertise


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We have an unmatched experience in helping companies recognize, grow, and promote real talent. It is important that we follow the same principles ourselves. We are giving success to Careers : Building Careers. Building Organisations.

Our Mission:

“Our mission is to be the most respected Talent Acquisition firm who provide unprecedented service to the clients with the highest possible value.“

Our Vision:

Our Vision is our Philosophy to build a global solution hub that meets every agreed expectation of our customer instantaneously and economically.

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, determination & not position.”

At Impact Quality Solutions [IQS], we all aspire to be tomorrow’s leader. Individually we are pathfinders and collectively we are achievers. We are passionate about everything that we do and so do it the best way.

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